Prevention & Nuitrition

Studies have recently shown that over 40% of children aged 8 to 17 are eating sugary high fat foods, i.e. biscuits, sweets. carbonated drinks 3-4 times daily. Our teeth are affected as much by our diet by not brushing our teeth regularly. The modern diet, which may be high in sugary carbohydrates and fat is not conducive to good dental health. The effect of this is to cause dental decay and also erosion of the enamel from the soft drinks.

Good Snacks
Raw Vegetables
Low Fat Cheese
Cereals (but sugar coated types)
Milk, water and sugar free squashes are suitable

Our ethos here at Springhill Clinic is to encourage children and adults is to keep a healthy diet with the odd treat or snack.

We advocate the use of dental sealants to prevent decay in permanent teeth.

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